Linked by TRB + Charm Bar


We are super excited to be offering Linked jewelry and a charm bar here at the storefront! Bethany is the person that does Linked by TRB and she sets up when the store has an event or by appointment. Bethany also will travel and bring Linked by TRB + Charm Bar with her! Please email us at to inquire!

Linked by TRB is not welded or soldered together, but instead is linked with jump rings! It can easily be removed by Bethany or cut with scissors. However, it is still considered permanent jewelry because it is not removable with a clasp. Bethany can add a clasp if you'd rather not have your jewelry be permanent.


Bracelets: $35

Anklets: $35

Necklace: $45

Charms: $3/each

Pre-Made Bracelet: $15, Pre-Made Necklace: $20